Tomorrow's Monument
oil on canvas

Since the beginning of time, people have created monuments, fully aware that those monuments will outlive them. From East to West, these monuments have taken different shapes and been erected for varying purposes. We revisit, adapt, destroy, and borrow from monuments. Tomorrow’s Monument showcases this span of time as a barren land, both full of ruins and possibility for future monuments, yet seemingly too vast to capture its entirety and complexity. Each vertical marker is a snapshot (or encapsulation) of a specific time period, while the sun’s setting on the unified horizon represents a consistent cycle of time passing.


When monuments are made, there is a hope that their value and importance will outlive the humans who created them, yet as time passes those original intentions fade. Tomorrow’s monument is one lit with possibility, hope for future remembrance, but its mere purpose or potential representation has not been decided yet. And like the many monuments that proceeded it, tomorrow’s monument will too fade with time.

She Remembers
oil on canvas

The painting, “She Remembers” uses an aging technique to create the effect of entrapment within the past. Our past can trigger feelings of nostalgia, a sense of identity, or it anger us by what we can’t forget. The figure in this painting represents people caught between what they have experienced and remembered, and that which they wish to forget

oil and plaster on canvas
Gilded Moments
oil and gold leaf on canvas

Gilded Moments and Gilded Memory 9sculpture) are two pieces that operate in unison - the painting acting as a setting for the sculptural form. Together they emphasize our desire to highlight particular moments or experiences. In Gilded Moments, the gold hides the potential signifiers of the locations present within the painting. While in Gilded Memory, the figure’s face is masked as the gold seeps out, simultaneously beginning to cover part of her body. By applying a valuable medium, I am using the act of gilding to enforce the connectivity between loss and remembrance.

Library of Memories
oil on canvas

Library of Memories is inspired by Jorge Luis Borges’ short story “Library of Babel.” Rather than conceiving the universe as a library of books, this painting views the library as a location housing memories, both identifiable and non. Where we enter and what we select is up to the viewer to decide

oil on canvas
Unknown Alley
oil on canvas
Historial Time
oil and paper on canvas
Triptych; each 24"x8"
The (Un) Consumable (1)
Acrylic sheet of paint over painted canvas

The (Un) Consumable

The (Un) Consumable (2)
Acrylic sheet of paint over painted canvas