“Boredom detoxifies our relationship to time;
                                    nothing happens except the passing of time.
            It puts us in contact with time reduced to the successions of moments,
                               free of what usually contains or contaminates it.

                                                        Etienne Klein, Chronos  

A one month expedition in a sailboat with 7 other artists/researchers/explorers that journeyed from Porto, Portugal to Sao Miguel in the Azores Islands, and concluded in Lisbon, Portugal.

The Journey: 

                       Walk & Talk Public Art Festival on the Azores Islands 2016

The time of performance is not the time of analysis…

A door without a home, without a purpose.
An island with an embedded culture and system of beliefs; 
An economy provided mainly by those who visit, but never call the island their home.
What can be seen when looking into the mirrors of this non-functional door? 

Broken mirrors installed onto abandoned door on Rua da Boa Vista on the island of Sao Miguel

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