“For once we assign monumental form to memory, we have to some degree divested ourselves of the obligation to remember…
...the counter-monument thus flouts any number of cherished memorial conventions: its aim is not to console but to provoke; not to remain fixed but to change; not to be everlasting but to disappear; not to be ignored by its passersby but to demand interaction; not to remain pristine but to invite its own violation and desecration; not to accept graciously the burden of memory but to throw it back at the town’s feet.”
                                                                                                                                             James E. Young

BURIED SECRET (or "Obelisk for the Future" )

Constructed wooden obelisk, marbleized in acrylic paint, and buried in the ground under sheet of glass.
Dimensions vary. Location undisclosed.  

The accuracy of monumental locations. (Click to explore)
Buried Bunker Hill Monument

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